Stratford High Class of '63

This website is for the class of 1963 that graduated from Stratford High School in Stratford, CT. We began our high school journey in split sessions as the only high school in Stratford. The town built a new high school on the north side of town, and we ended our high school time with only the kids from the south side of town. This website covers only the graduates from Stratford High School, and does not include the class from the other high school in town.


The primary purpose of this website is to give all the class members of the 1963 graduating class of Stratford High School a place to let other members know what's up and find out what's up with our old friends. Announcements of class functions, such as, reunions will be made on this site by the organizers. All class members can register on this website, login to the website, and add photos, facts, and news about themselves. Let's try to keep this website active and current so that we can keep in touch with one another.

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Recent class news

4/17/2018      Ellen Giblin Robbins

Ellen passed away March 3, 2018 from cancer. read more

3/14/2018      Patricia Klaff

Patricia passed away on Sept. 22, 2017 in Hewitt Memorial Nursing home after having a stroke around 7 years ago. read more


Claudia passed away at home on Dec. 27, 2017. She had cancer. read more

3/6/2017      HOWARD BEERS

Howard passed away March 2, 2017 in West Haven Veterans Hospital in Ct. He resided in Stratford. read more


Leslie passed away on August 7, 2016 in St. Mary's Hospital Waterbury, Ct. She resided in Newtown, Ct. read more

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Recent personal news

9/23/2013      Class of 63, life afterwards

I left Stratford after graduation and went to Huntsville, Texas with a vocal scholarship to Sam Houston State University. After 3 years as a music major, I switched majors to elementary education. After my junior year I married in 1966 to Ronnie Dobbs, who had already graduated and was an read more »

8/6/2013      Update

After graduating from MIT with three degrees in Electrical Engineering I went to work for Hewlett-Packard Medical R&D in 1969. Also in 1969 I married Liz Stauffer (Bunnell ’65), and we had two daughters. Emily is a High School Science teacher/administrator in New Hampshire and has a son Will. Kate read more »

7/8/2013      Life after High School

I was married in 1964 and divorced in 1971. Had 2 daughters and lived in Florida. In 1977 I married Dean Klauer and he adopted my 2 daughters and he also had one daughter from a previous marriage. In our 36 years of marriage we have lived in Florida and read more »

5/28/2013      50 years later

We moved to Mesa Az in 2004. My husband Joe went to West Haven High. We have 2 sons. Paul is 47 and living in Stratford Conn with our Grandson Kyle that will be 11 on August 22th. Same birthday as Granpa. Robert is 42 and lives in Minerva Ohio read more »

3/29/2013      Hello SHS

After SHS, I went to UConn - graduated with a degree in Music Ed. Subsequently got a M.S. in Music Ed from Univ. of Bridgeport and then completed additional study at CCSU. Taught H.S. music in Winsted, CT for 32 yrs, then started a 2nd career as a 401(k) Relationship read more »

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